2016 Goals: The Result of Progression

noun   pro·gres·sion    \prə-ˈgre-shən\

Simple Definition of progression (Merriam-Webster)
: the process of developing over a period of time.
: a continuous and connected series of actions, events, etc.

We are almost 2 weeks into 2016.  How are your goals doing?  If you are not getting to where you want to go as of yet, make sure to revisit your rate of expectation.  This idea can also be known as "return on investment" or "ROI" for short.  Generally speaking, our current position that we are wishing to change, did not take us overnight to get there.  That said, the expectation to reverse it should not be one of an "overnight" mentality.   Your rate of progression should match the level of your abilities at this time.  This can account in multiple subject matters - weight loss, financial debt reduction, current blood pressure measurement, strained relationships (personal and/or business). If you are looking for assistance in this area (setting goals realistically), revisit my SMART Goals entry and then return here.

In this particular entry, I am sharing my 2016 athletic goals and how I am preparing physically for them. The end result for the training is to increase threshold (ability to handle physical loads/stress).  The more physically demanding the challenge, the higher the threshold needed. This CAN be developed in time with nutrition, the PROPER training (every body is different), and rest.  This statement is assuming the body is not injured beyond the physical capacity of the task.

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Purpose of Goals - to demonstrate to those in need of a visual that the deconditioned, unmotivated can accomplish greater feats ever imagined by way of small, gradual, consistent effort, aka, progression at a micro level.  For the person reading my blog for the first time, you may not know I was morbidly obese at one time.  In 2008, I was over 300lbs. I stay between 190-200lbs these days.  When I first began to get back on track in 2009, I could only walk 10 minutes at 1.0 mph on a treadmill. THAT WAS IT. It took 15 months of slow and steady progression in order to get to the point of even considering anything with high intensity (15 months, not days).  My first race was a 5k in September 2010.  My first OCR, Tough Mudder Dallas, (12 miles) was March 2012. My first half marathon was January 2013. Keep that in mind.  Long term change does not happen overnight.  However, it will happen with mindful consistency.

2009 - 1.0 mph / 10 min TM walk
2013 - Half Marathon
(5 years of progression)

At the end of the listing, I will inform you why this is my last time (at least for a while) to do so many major athletic events. So with no more delay, here is the list for my major athletic events of 2016.


March 20
Rock 'n' Roll Dallas
Half Marathon

Dallas, TX - This will be half #9 for me.  This is 9th one I thought I would never be able to do.  I love sight seeing the city, especially when it is blocked off from traffic.  I learned my lesson last year and have already started studying the trail. I have a primer in February to help with getting ready for downtown Dallas. 5k, 10k, half, with plenty of days to recover, eat well, and progress slowly for the goal. Assuming my nutrition and rest are balanced with my physical activity, this is healthy to me. Looking forward to #RnRDAL in March.


mudfactor logo

May 28
Mud Factor OKC
OCR 5k

Norman, OK - This was a fun one for me last year. It will help me get back into the rhythm of OCRs (obstacle course runs). Like I mentioned last year, Mud Factor is the perfect primer to get introduced into the mud run phenomenon. There are obstacles in the form of mud pits, crawls, climbs but will not have what can be described as extreme obstacles (fire, electrical current, high dives, burpees, etc.)  If you are new to mud runs, this is a good one to start out on. Bring extra water though. The only hurdle administration wise last year was lack of access to water post race (to clean up, not drink). In terms of progression, there will be a few 5ks and specialized drills week in advance in place for this one. #MudFactor


LB Half Marathon 2016

October 9
Long Beach Half Marathon

Long Beach, CA -With a few 5ks as running primers prior to October, the Summer and early fall will act as a specified performance training period specifically for this month. The emphasis in taking so much time to train is on SAFETY and allowing my body time to adapt to the tasks.  In October,  I will be doing 2 different types of races in 6 day period. The first one is the more traditional run, which will also be half #10. The tenth one happens to be occurring back home in Long Beach, California (The jetBlue Long Beach Half Marathon). I am absolutely thrilled for this one. #RnRLA was fun but Long Beach is truly home. 🙂 #RunLongBeach

TM logo

October 15
Tough Mudder SoCal

Temecula, CA -It seems it is every even year I actually register and do a Tough Mudder. This will be #3 for me (Dallas 2012, Las Vegas 2014). Most likely, this is the end of the OCRs for me (at least in this form). I understand the mentality of overcoming obstacles. It does help in business and day-to-day life from a mental obstacle standpoint.  However, I have "overcome" 2 prior times :-). There really isn't much left to prove. I did register for this and so I'm treating this as my swan song for this variety of race. #MudderLegion

strip at night 2016

November 13
Rock 'n' Roll Las Vegas
Half Marathon

Las Vegas, NV - There will be a huge emphasis on recovery after Tough Mudder in order to be ready for the "last hurrah" of the year, the Strip at Night, aka, RnR Vegas. This one is truly special. Last year I skipped it and I found myself kicking myself for doing so once the social posts starting going up. There is something almost "magical" in having the LV strip shut down and opened to runners to travel for the evening. I can think of no other place to end the season, than here. This is where you want to have your finale. This will mark half #11 and the end of the multiple big races I have been doing of late. #StripAtNight


ALL GOOD THINGS... (in this form)

The adage, all good things come to end has arrived. Though I do enjoy the races when I train for them properly, they do take up a lot of time. There are a lot of things I have been wanting to do (travel, teach, take on new clients, spend more time with family), and the time is now right to pursue those things at the close of this year's races. I will still be active and will surely be doing 5ks (because I like them). As for the longer races, they're likely to be an annual event (as in 1 only).  The winds of change are here and the time for SIF Wellness to progress and grow has arrived.


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