4 Tips for Holiday Damage Control

With this evening, the Holidays are officially upon us. For those who celebrate, Hanukah begins this evening and runs to the evening of the 24th of December.  For others, the 24th and 25th are the Christmas Holiday.  Then when you think you are about to get on track with your fitness, there is New Year's Eve.  If you are a lot like me, College Football is a big part of my social life.  The Meaning here?  Anything social I may do centers around that sport.  Therefore, the 38 game schedule in a 3-week period is an informal holiday in and of itself.  For those that do not celebrate any of the above, there are still some social commonalties in this time of the year --- lots of get-togethers, access to a lot of rich, high calorie foods and beverages, and a lot of temptation/opportunities to overeat and drink.


With these potential hurdles toward your health and fitness goals, here are some quick measures you can implement in order to stay close to your fitness goals.

Eat Before You Go

Before ever setting foot in a social gathering, have a plan before getting there.  Have your main meal prior to attending the event.  The benefits to this are you will know how the food is prepared and what you're eating calorie wise.  If you are worried about staying out too long, take some healthy snacks with you (dried fruit, nuts, protein powder for example).  These pre-planned steps can allow you to do the next tip at the gathering or event,

Limit Your Consumption

Quality counts.  If you are in a setting where you are worried the host(s) may feel insulted by you not partaking in the food and beverage, go ahead and have a little....and I do mean a little. You have accomplished both goals.  You have appeased the host(s) and if you track your macros correctly, you can stay close or on point to your quality caloric mark for the day.

Continue to Exercise

Do not slack on your workouts.  If you have 20-30 minutes to spare, you can do a workout.  If you're in the condition to do them, utilize HIITs with your body weight. That can be done nearly in any setting...gym, home, backyard, park, etc.

If Traveling, Use Your Apps

Suggested from Sohee  Walsh, My Macros Plus is an excellent app used for tracking your quality of calories anytime, anywhere with your phone or tablet.  The new Health app from Apple as great for tracking biometrics (weight, blood pressure, heart rate, progress, etc).


These are few tips that can help you stay on track. Where there is a will there is a way. If you want to make it happen, you will.  Note that New Year's is almost upon us.  The concept of New Year's resolution is a commitment to improve.  That can be done any time of the year. When your mind is set, so are you.


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