5 “Tools” for Your Fat Loss Success

This is the season where there are a lot of open minds and zeal for change.  However, it also a time where there is not much of guide to lose fat and feel healthier (long-term) in basic terms. This entry is beginning a bit of a "reboot" in that regard.  So on my first DO WORK WEDS of 2015, I'm starting with the bare basics here.  If you are completely new to the fitness lifestyle, you'll want to start following my blog NOW.  In the days to come, I'll be breaking down various components of the lifestyle in simple terms.  Listed below are your "tools" for long-term success with fat loss. I'll be building on this in days to come,

1) Mindset - Before anything else to change, the desire to change must be there first.

2) Nutrition - You are what you eat (absorb really, but that is for another day).

3) Appropriate Workouts - Probably the #1 motivation killer is trying to do too much, too soon. Workouts should be based on what you are physically able to do now and then progress to more challenging work.



4) Stress Management - No matter how much you workout and/or clean you eat, if you are constantly stressed, you are going to hold on to weight.

5) Rest - Goes in line with 4 a lot. Repair, growth, and "fat loss" occur at rest. This is critical if you want to have your menu changes and physical workouts to pay off.
And there you have it!  These are the basics. Happy New Year and look forward to you becoming the best "you" possible.  Keep returning to SIF.  I will be building on this.  If you'd like more in-depth assistance NOW, contact me at gaw@sweatisfree.com.



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