All Heart: Feature Profile with Toxic Mold Survivor, Emma Carrasco

A faulty refrigerator led to a college student contracting severe heart issues in 2008.  As a result, she lost her home, business, health, and almost life itself.  I am happy to report that 8 years later, she is living life to it's fullest.

I hope I do this woman justice with this quick, yet inspiring, interview I did with health advocate, business developer, and toxic mold survivor, Emma Carrasco.

Emma Carrasco HS

Emma's journey began as one of independence. In 2006 she became a home owner that also worked as her business office.  However, within a 2 year time frame within residency, she began to feel very ill. In 2008, there was a discovery of a substantial concentration of mold created by a faulty refrigerator in her home. It had been assessed that the mold had been growing for approximately 2 and half years.  The home had to be vacated. The next 5 years would not be easy.

"I lost faith in traditional western medicine", Carrasco states. Between 2008 to 2012 she began to have a variety of unexplainable symptoms. Beginning in 2008 she began having convulsions and severe chest pains.  to Her initial diagnosis from doctors were the symptoms were either a form of lupus or something psychosomatic brought on by stress. After these assessments, for 2 years, she stopped seeing doctors. Because of these results that did not register anything conclusive, a lot of people were not understanding what she was going through.

During this entire process, Emma had continued to live as a healthy of a lifestyle she could. She recalls looking for a membership at a local gym.  While being offered an initial assessment, her pulse registered at 38 beats per minute (bpm).  "I could see from look on her face, she was concerned. She wanted to call an ambulance."  The ambulance did not happen.  The low pulse and now lethargic look was a constant. The need for an oxygen tank had now become necessary due to asthma like symptoms. Being asked if she was, "okay" had become habitual.

The beginning of the breakthrough began when a professor at the University she was attending addressed her. Out of concern, she referred her to a cardiologist whose initial medical education came from China.  Upon her first visit, when the doctor heard she had long-term exposure to mold, she conducted tests on her heart.  Through the various tests conducted, there was indeed damage found to Emma's heart.  Specifically, an abnormality in the Sinotrial aka (SA) node had been irreparably damaged.   The SA node is the heart's pacemaker, the imitator of a heartbeat.  Since there was no other option, a pacemaker was placed in 2013.

pace maker scar - ec

How well did it do? Well, take into account that Emma had been mindful of her nutrition, energy, and mindset, 2 weeks after her pacemaker surgery, she ran a half marathon. This was something the former cross country runner had not been able to do for 6 years.

Though the pacemaker was extremely helpful, there was still an uphill battle to gain her health back.  While looking for answers from a holistic perspective, she read and listened to podcasts about issues with mold from BulletProof owner, Dave Aspery. She was quite surprised when he answered her inquiries personally.  She credits much of her recovery due to advice that worked for her from Aspery.  Shortly after, Emma released a holistic lifestyle book, "Healthy Living with Emma" on to help others who may be going through the same struggles.


Later in 2013, she attended a BulletProof conference. She had such a good reaction from the advice and meeting that she is now on staff , as a business developer member of BulletProof. With a focused and sound mind, consistent eating regimen and active lifestyle, Emma has high quality of life. She needs to as well. Every 6 months, Emma has her pacemaker tested. Every time she goes in for testing, she relives one of the scariest moments of her life. It keeps her focused and mindful of what is important in life.

When I asked what advice she could pass on to anyone, she mentions,

1. The Mind Is a Powerful Thing

2. You Need to Believe You're Going to be Okay

3.  Find 10 Things to Be Grateful for EVERY Morning

4. Money Doesn't Make You Happy

Emma Carrasco - Bulletproof Coffee

Currently, Emma is flirting with the idea of doing a book about her journey in order to educate as many people as possible about her dealings with toxic mold.  She is a firm believer that if one is not a believer in the spiritual, you may be after she chronicles her experiences.  To find out more about Emma's journey you may read her journal here. Other notable links on the subject matter of mold can be found directly below:

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