Brookhaven Run 2016 Review

31st Annual Brookhaven Run 2016

Number 7 ---- Now about a few days later, I shake my head in near disbelief that I actually took my 7th consecutive trip the Brookhaven Village of Norman, Oklahoma to run what was (originally) supposed to be a 1 and done bucket list item - The Brookhaven Run 5k.

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They are all memorable but this one will definitely be one to remember for 3 reasons.

1.  Public Speaking 

I volunteered to help wherever help was needed.  For my own personal development as an entrepreneur, I needed to get stretched so to speak and taking out of my comfort zone.  Nothing can do that quicker for me than public speaking. Yikes!!!  Yes, your truly worked with another volunteer going back and forth on pre-race announcements. It was not as bad as I thought!

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Public Speaking Duties at BR #7

2. The Earthquake 

At first I thought I was having some form of vertigo ... was I THAT nervous about doing public speaking?!? And then I realized everything was shaking.  Out of all the cities and states, I did not think Oklahoma would be the place where I would experience an earthquake prior to my race. According to some reports, it was the strongest quake to be reported in the area to date (5.6 magnitude). YIKES!

3. Meeting Mark Bravo

After the earthquake was gone, it was back to work.  The announcements actually felt easy to do by this time.  I was approached by a gentleman who was apparently there to take over for us. (No resistance there :-))  Between announcements we got to chatting and surprisingly he knew about my backstory from the creator of the Brookhaven Run, Gus Thompson. (Thank you Sir).   He disappeared for a moment and the next I know I have a new book in my hands.  Very,  very grateful and it is an inspiring book.  This will never be forgotten. Imagine my surprise when I did a little research the background of Mark Bravo.  WOW!  Life is even more amazing if you'll do a little more out of  comfort zone.

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Being Transparent

If you read my last running related entry, "The Power of Diligence", you already know I slacked on the "healthy" part of lifestyle this Summer.  It seemingly so easy to get out of balance with a few setbacks.  For me, that is still something that is a work in progress.  So in the meantime, I like to be transparent with my results.
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Perspective on my performance - pending on how you want to view can say this good or bad. I don't look it at like that anymore. Instead, I like to review the following,

Realistic Expectation - If I was not in the condition I was in last year, why should I expect an equal or faster time?  The focus in my opinion is health, not performance.  The two goals are different, as the latter will sacrifice health to achieve performance if need be.  The point of health is to challenge yourself with the ability you CURRENTLY have and nudge it just a little to IMPROVE your quality of life.  In my opinion, this often gets lost when focused on a number, such as a personal record (PR) or a body fat percentage.  If either are achieved by the sacrifice of your health, was there really any benefit?

Photo Sep 03, 8 23 22 AM

This time when comparing times (which I believe is more often a negative), with the previous 6 years, this was my slowest time to date.  Last year (#6 for me), was my best time ever of 28:36 for the Brookhaven Run.  A few years back, this kind of time difference would have devastated me.  Why?  I would say my focus would have been on external performance numbers being the marker of significance. I would not have thought to take the perspective of where I am with my health and abilities CURRENTLY vs. at a time where conditioning was better to determine "progress".

This is how injury occurs. Stop living in the past. Focus on the here and now while maximizing the most of it! 🙂


So what exactly was my attitude once I finished and saw my time?  "Well, I improved from my 4th of July run."  🙂 There you have it. I believe my emotional state can be summarized in this quote from Mr. Bravo, (see above). There will be other runs. Don't lose perspective of the big picture of life.

My Takeaway... 

We can be hard ourselves. At times, too hard. PRs and other external performances are not necessarily what is the factor that gives us attention.  It is more so, we made the decision, followed through with action, and completed what you set out to do.  People admire that. I believe even more so when there is adversity vs when times are optimal. Perhaps that in and of itself is what makes us relatable.  Being relatable is the key for anyone looking to connect. Hopefully this will help someone when they see themselves in a "funk" and find out it is a blockade that you created. You are an influence in ways you may not have thought about. 🙂

THAT....was my 7th experience of the Brookhaven Run 5k.  Thank you to OK Runner for allowing me to be an assistant at their 31st Annual Brookhaven Run. 🙂

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