Can You HIIT It?

Before having a blog, many would see me post on either my personal or SIF Facebook page referring to 3 distinct high intensity interval workouts or "HIITs" for short. For a season I did these once a week with 2 sprint interval workouts in between (a 5 day HIIT schedule). Since I am currently training for a marathon, I am not doing as many HIITs as I used to. For the purpose of this entry though, here is a listing and description of those HIITs

Stadium HIIT

The Bookend

Power or Hang Cleans 8-10
Callisthenic Squat 25
DB Row (each arm) 10-12
DB Box Step Ups 10-12
Standing Cable Triceps Extension 10-12
Standing EZ Bar Biceps Curl 10-12
Incline DB Bench Press 8-10
DB Straight Leg Deadlift 8-10
Seated DB Shoulder Press 10-12
Burpees 10-12

The Timer

Barbell Front Squat 30s
Pull-Ups 30s
360 degree Burpees 30s
Standing Calf Raises 30s
Mountain Climbers 30s
Lying Hamstrings Curl 30s
Kettlebell Swings 30s
DB Hammer Curls 30s
DB "Skull Crushers" / Triceps Extension 30s
Lat Pull Down 30s

The Blender

Split Jumps 30s
Push Ups 15 reps
Hyperextensions 15 reps
Overhead Barbell Walking Lunges 30s
Bench Dips 30s
Standing Cable Fly 15
DB Shrugs 10
Alternate DB Shoulder Press (Seated) 10/side
Barbell Jump Squats 10-12
Pull-Ups 10

HIIT Protocol:
Each of the HIITs have 10 stations. No rest in between stations. Once the circuit is complete, rest 1-2 minutes and begin the sequence again. Repeat the circuit 3-4 times. Your workout will last 20-30 minutes.


Treadmill Sprint Sequence

Warm-Up (Walk) 1-5
Moderate (Jog) 6
Hard (Sprint) 7

Easy (Walk) 8
Moderate (Jog) 9
Hard (Sprint) 10

Easy (Walk) 11
Moderate (Jog) 12
Hard (Sprint) 13

Easy (Walk) 14
Moderate (Jog) 15
Hard (Sprint) 16

Cool Down (Walk) 17-21


As fun as these can be, please know it took me a year and half to work up to this. This concept is known as progression. You may need to modify according to your current abilities. For instance, use assisted dips or pull-up machine if you cannot do dips or pull-ups on your own at this time. Though I have ranges listed on here, listen to your body. If your form starts to waiver, YOU ARE DONE with the exercise. Regardless of what the clock or rep ranges may suggest, your body is the ultimate indicator of how well you are doing. This form of injury prevention will save you both money and frustration.

DoWorkWeds Aug 28, 2014

Today's Stadium Time: 21:30:76. #DOWORKWEDS

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