Creating “ACTION”

And time for something a little different. 🙂 This would be more of a lifestyle entry that leans toward the home and garden (H&G) category. HOWEVER, it is going to focus on decorating the home in honor of RUNNING. 🙂


I was doing some Spring cleaning and noticed that my bibs from my races were starting to pile up. I wanted to do something special with them. On Instgram I did come across something that caught my eye toward the end of last year. This display was by MOMSLRB (see photo below).

RUN Display

That is the "spark" that got me going.  I wanted to create something with multiple meaning. I wanted something to remind me of what it takes to succeed....whether it be business, running, or any other type of goal. The word I came up with for my project was, "Action".  I'll be dedicating the rest of this entry as to how I put it all together.

Photo Apr 10, 5 45 40 PM (1)

STEP 1: Assemble the Materials

After I decided what word I wanted to use, I purchased the wooden letters at a local arts and crafts store called, "Hobby Lobby".

Photo Apr 10, 5 48 00 PM

After purchasing the letters, I took all the bibs that I had kept and started placing them on top of the letters. To be honest, I was not sure I was going to have enough.  I held off on this project for about a month. In the meantime, I gathered 2 more running bibs doing 5ks. With the added "material", still, it was going to be close. I decided to take a chance and use the gift bag provided to me on the inaugural "OKC Dodger Dash". It was plastic, so I wasn't sure if it was going to work. I crossed my fingers, hoped for the best and decided to proceed.

Photo Mar 03, 11 19 46 AM Photo Apr 10, 5 50 59 PMPhoto Apr 10, 5 52 57 PM

The final part to getting started was the grabbing the adhesive, lacquer sealer (for preservation) and x-acto knife (for cutting the bibs). All were found at a regular department store.

Photo Apr 10, 5 54 42 PM
STEP 2: Color Scheme

Photo Apr 10, 6 48 30 PM

It may not seem like a big deal but I wanted the colors to coordinate to a certain degree.  I simply did not want to randomly throw together bibs on each letter. This actually took more time than I thought it would.

Photo Apr 10, 10 27 42 PM

STEP 3: Putting It Together

Once the bibs were assigned, the edge of the letters were painted (by hand & spray paint) with black paint. This was done in case bibs were not able to cover all areas of the letter.


Once the bibs were selected for each letter, the task of actually making them fit to the letter was at hand. The technique took a little time to figure out. I started with placing a big in the vicinity of where I wanted it. Once I had an idea of where it was going to be placed, I would cut some of excess off with the x-acto knife.  After initial trimming, I would spray the BACK of the bib first, allow it to dry a little, than place it on the wood.  Once on the wood, I had to act fast to prevent it from sticking in the wrong place.

I proceeded to wrap the bib around the edge of the letter. Once I did this, the bib would be sprayed in the front. This would be repeated pending on the shape of the letter. Wherever there were curves, there was a lot of mini-cuts that needed to place to make the bib fit the letter. See some of the examples below.

Photo Apr 10, 8 47 12 PM Photo Apr 10, 9 19 23 PM

Photo Apr 10, 9 27 16 PM Photo Apr 10, 9 44 35 PMPhoto Apr 13, 10 43 11 PM

STEP 4: Preserving the Display

Once the bibs were placed and glued to the wood, I took a couple of days to let them all dry. The next step was to take preservation measure.  The initial sealer used was "Hodge Podge". Anywhere from 4-5 coats per letter was applied. The point of making the display was to make it last (at least for a while).  This took a couple of days to do (because of work schedule).

Once the letters were dried from the hodge podge, an additional 4-5 coats of lacquer were applied to the bibs. This is where I became nervous about he plastic components of the display. I used sides of the OKC Dodgers gift bag as part of 2 letters. As you can see, the held up just fine. 🙂

Photo Apr 17, 5 38 38 PM Photo Apr 17, 6 10 07 PM

The Final Product

Below you can see the final product. I was very happy with it. Eventually, I will figure out how to incorporate my medals to go with it somewhere. 🙂

Photo May 05, 7 24 22 PM Photo Mar 03, 6 42 50 PM


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