Dedication To Improvement

Dedication to Improvement™ is the group transformation system of Sweat Is Free.  DTI concentrates on exercise education, nutritional and stress management guidelines, and last but not least, MOTIVATION and ACCOUNTABILITY.  If your mind is distracted, so will your desire and focus to your achieve goals.  DTI is conducted in 6 week periods in a private online group setting.

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Expected Results with Program?

Education - Motivation - Application

I am firm believer that the idea personal TRAINING online, though well meaning, is a myth. One cannot assess nor address vital factors such as range of motion, bone length, etc. online.  However, education of one's body, exercise as it applies to YOUR body (see #2), nutrition, and stress management can be addressed in this medium form. In terms of the issues that are one-on-one, help in finding one for you can be achieved as well. The KEY to your long-term success is finding what course of action is going to be safe and effective for your needs.

At the end of the day, what you will receive is something that can be described in one word, improvement. I understand that is a vague answer.  It is important to understand everyone starts at a different level.  Results will vary. What cannot be accounted for is your consistency, your activity, initial and progression abilities, energy levels, eating habits, menu selection, along sleep and recovery time.

Education - Motivation - Application