Half the Distance, Twice the Fun!


Happy to report that the shin is healing up.  It will not be 100% by Sunday.  It will be close though.  Usually, on what I call "Do Work Wednesday", I traditionally get up at the crack of dawn and run the stairs at the nearby University Football Stadium...which happens to house roughly 82,000 seats.  Makes for a very nice high intensity workout. If you read the last entry, than you know why I am not there this morning. Once the body informs me it is okay to try it again, I surely will. Meanwhile, I am up at the crack of dawn with excitement, plotting the course for this weekend (literally).


Course Map available on the Rock n Roll Marathon Series for iPhone App

Why exactly am I so excited?  Monday's decision was tough.  I felt like I had failed when it came to the decision to not run the full marathon.  When I posted about it on the Instagram account, the organizers of the event unknowingly uplifted me with a glimmer of inspiration,




And then it clicked... it is not so much the destination, as it is the journey.   "Half the distance, twice the fun!"HELLO?!?  I will be in LAS VEGAS this weekend!  With that thought in mind, here are some takeaways I think anyone can benefit from when you may become too focused on goal or goals,

1. Remember How Far You Have Come

5 years ago, I'm wondering if I am going to have to wear a colostomy bag the rest of my life.  This weekend I am about to embark on half marathon #5.  This will be my second in Las Vegas.  The body is a phenomenal machine when you treat it right.

2. Remember What It Has Taken to Get There

Traveling cross-country for an athletic event simply doesn't happen on a whim.  Planning and goals both physically and financially had to be achieved to be eligible to go. Embrace those accomplishments. Hey, I am still getting to go to Vegas!

3. There Will Be Another Opportunity

Yes, it would have been something to have completed a marathon; in Las Vegas no less.  There will be another marathon opportunity though.  I can say that because I am dedicated to healthy and balanced lifestyle.  My purpose for doing these events in the first place is to show people who may be down and out, it is possible to recover from pitfalls in life and create the joyous life you want and deserve!

Rock 'n' Roll Marathon Series

Sometimes we can get so caught up in our work, we can forget to have a life.  So my final take home from this entry is, yes, sometimes things in life do not work out the way we like.  However, it is how you react to them that is most important.  Perspective is everything. ENJOY THE JOURNEY.  I guarantee I will be.  Most assuredly there will be, "half the distance, twice the fun!" occurring at the Strip at Night.


"Don't let making a living prevent you from making a life"
-John Wooden



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