Listen To Your Body

This morning is a little bittersweet.  In a way, to quote Charles Dickens, "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times".    What I mean by this is since creating this challenge for myself, the work has already showed benefits.  I weighed in and have already lost 10lbs.  I'm not big fan of scales at all.  Reason being, I believe there is too much emphasis placed on them.  From a performance perspective, weight is only an issue with me this week, as I have a prior commitment that I WILL complete this weekend, the Las Vegas, Rock n' Roll Marathon....or should I say half marathon.   This would be, "the worst of times" part.rock n roll 2014 - pre

Something I have been struggling with since training for my last half marathon (last month) is a nagging shin splint on my left leg.  Injuries like this occur quite simply by doing too much, too fast.  Denial is a terrible thing.  Even back in late September, my body was giving me indications that there were weight gain issues.  If I also was not such a tightwad with my finances, I would have relented and bought new running shoes to replace the old ones that had worn.  Not paying attention to either created the shin splint.  I'm still paying the price for it. Bottom line is, I should have paid attention to the signals my body was giving me.

Shin Splints

So now that I have, I'm doing my best to stop a major reoccurrence.  I am delaying my bucketlist quest for my one and only marathon.  I'm sure if I really wanted to push it this Sunday, I could finish the 26.2 mile event.  However, I think I would have serious injuries to my leg and lower back . I have to weigh the pros and cons on this.

When it comes to long distance running, the lighter you are, the less impact on your joints.   Knowing that I'm heavier than I think I should be and dealing with a shin split, there is a high likelihood a 26.2 mile run could create a serious injury.  If I go full force and get injured, is anyone going to pay my medical bills, regular bills, and compensate my time away from work? Those are serious financial "cons".  So much so, I concluded I can still finish my commitment that I set out to do months ago in the form of the half marathon.   I'm most likely going to have a sore shin after Sunday, but it has healed up enough to endure 13.1 miles.  Bottom line is, I did not train appropriately for Vegas and it is showing. Lesson learned.

There can always be another race. Listen to your body.

There can always be another race. Listen to your body.


With that said, I already have other challenges in place while I am achieving my current 90 day.   The current challenge will lighten my physical load (literally) in order to help achieve that coveted marathon bucketlist item.  And of course, if I'm in that kind of endurance shape in April 2015, I may as well do another Tough Mudder, since it will be in my "backyard" for the first time.  Why not?  Anyone is welcome to join me on these.

2015 Challenges (First Half)

Triple Dog Dare OKC – 8am, Dec 6, 2014

OKC Memorial Marathon – Sunday, April 26, 2015

Tough Mudder Oklahoma – Saturday, May 16, 2015 (under team “Los Locos”)


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