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Change Your Life! Take the Challenge!

You know that feeling? The one you get when the pants do not fit like they should? You swear the shirt you knew couldn't shrink has done so now? You KNOW there is absolutely NO WAY you have gained any weight that may cause the clothes to fit as snug as they do now, right? Well, I call that feeling, denial, and my wake up call was right before my recent business trip to California.

Making a long story short, a harsh reality came to me the night BEFORE my trip. All my business attire was either snug or I simply could not fit into them. I do not get caught up in numbers (aka, weight scales) but I do pay attention to the numbers when it comes to my waistline. Unfortunately, the numbers were up. I was embarrassed, angry at myself and really didn't feel like going to my own conference because of it. Whether anyone noticed or not on my trip is irrelevant in this scenario. The fact is, I did. Something needed to be done. I did not lose all the weight 5 years ago, only to slowly bring it back.

My 90 Day Challenge

So instead of getting upset any further (which solves nothing), I decided it is time to take this opportunity (some would call it a negative) and turn into something inspiring. Today, I put in place the success formula:

1. Make a Decision

2. Make a Plan


4. Be Consistent and Follow Through

To be more specific, this is how I did 1-3,

Make a Decision
Once I realized what had occurred, I made up my mind I was going to do something about it. Did not quite know how yet, but something was going to occur.

Make a Plan
We all fall down. I had a bad season of having a "imbalanced" lifestyle. This means I took too much time paying attention to my business and not enough on watching my health. The result? Being 20lbs heavier than I was a year ago. The plan? That is what today's blog is about. New Year's Resolution is (in theory) a defining moment for long lasting change. Why wait until the beginning of the year? NYR occurs when your mind is set and action follows. With that said, I decided to do just that and create a 90 day challenge that ends early into the new year (February 3rd). How is that for a challenge? Looking new and improved AT New Year's. If you can improve while navigating through the Holidays, you can do it any time of the year.

This is where the rubber meets the road. Talk is cheap. Action speaks louder than anything else. So how serious am I? I did the dreaded "before" and quite sobering pictures in the middle of writing this blog. I also did traditional measurements to create a baseline or starting point for this challenge. Observe, front, side, back. Currently 215lbs at 5'9"

90 day challenge - before

(Before) Sweat Is Free 90 Day Challenge


Chest - 41"

Right - 24 1/4"
Left - 24 1/4"

Umbilicus - 37" (belly button)

Waist - 35 3/4"

Hips - 41 1/4"

Right - 13"
Left - 12 1/2"

Be Consistent and Follow Through

Absolutely no one likes falling off the fitness wagon; especially wellness professionals. It does happen though. So no more moping for me. I posted last week, if you don't like something, CHANGE IT. If you have seen my video diary, you know I posted my progress by getting in front of the camera when I lost my last 60lbs (from a total of 115lbs). I assure you, knowing you have to get in front of the camera is quite motivational. I'll state the same thing now I stated then. I'm either going to flop or have a great testimony at the end of these 90 days.


And there you have it. This the declaration to my 90 day challenge. If you may have fallen off the fitness wagon yourself, I invite you to take this journey with me. You will never regret and I can help you along the way if you allow me to. Set your mind and keep it set! #90DayChallenge #SweatIsFree

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