OKC NYD Blastoff 2017 Recap


Unlike last year, our story begins in the afternoon vs. the crack of dawn. New Year's Day happen to land on Sunday this time. There are a lot of things that occur in these parts on Sunday.  I applaud the race organizers for recognizing this as I believe it would have affected the participation numbers.

Though quite frigid last year, I did enjoy my time at the OKC River Trails last year.   I was ready to brave it once again. I also thought it would be warmer since it had a 2pm start.  Imagine EVERYONE's surprise when the day and time arrived to be greeted by low wind with 60 degree weather!  YEA!!!!! 🙂 It was great weather for a run.

Down the OK River Trails I went. It was quite obvious, I was in need of practice if I wanted to be worried about a time (I wasn't).  It has been almost 40 days since I practiced this distance.  If you have read my previous blogs, you already know my thoughts on this, "you perform like you practice".


If you have not worked out in a while, work progressively (that's is a nice way of saying slowly). The biggest mistake I see this time of year with New Year's Resolutionists is doing too much work to soon. You want to be patient and allow your body to adapt to the new stress demands you are placing on it. This is for any kind of movement. It can weight lifting, calisthenics (body weight exercise...such as running), Pilates, yoga, etc.

With that said, for me, the NYD Blastoff was nice way to get the proverbial rust off and get back into the swing of things.  I was not worried about time. I paced myself accordingly. Had to walk in a few spots (that's not a bad thing). My goal was to be active and healthy. Again, the worst thing you can do is go full throttle on day 1 of a commitment and work yourself into an injury. Progressive improvement, not perfection (which is a myth anyway), should be the goal. If your goal is to be healthy, pace yourself accordingly.

If you are looking to improve your time, train for it. Do not expect results that require training and practice to acquire them. This is something that you would like to know prior to starting any program. Realistic expectations will give you a sharper mindset in goal setting and achievement.

Remember when I mentioned the participation in the beginning?  If anything were to act as an incentive to push myself in this race, it was the medal. I believe there was a shortage of medals due to participation numbers being larger than expected. There were approximately 400. I made it. 🙂


The organization of the event was excellent. It was low key atmosphere at the park. It was a Sunday, not much activity (outside the run) on the River Trails, absolutely GORGEOUS weather for January, plenty of photographers, and very hospitable race directors.  Like last year, the run provided black-eyed peas at the end of the run. They were quite tasty. 🙂 Overall, the OKC NYD Blastoff was a hit in my opinion. Long Sleeve T-Shirt, Bib, and Medal all included in the $25 entry.  You have to love Oklahoma 🙂


If you are inspired to get started and dedicate yourself to improvement, you only need to do 3 things,

1. Make a Plan.

2. Take ACTION on it.

3. Adjust where needed.

For more details check out my blog series here. Happy New Year and may this be your best year to date!

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