Recap: America’s Finest City 5k

America's Finest City 5k 2015 Starting Line

BALBOA PARK - San Diego, Calif.

From the onset of arriving in Southern California, I knew this was going to be a different kind of 5k race.  What I thought would be challenge with hills only, turned out to be quite the test on endurance for factors I believe were going to be a non-issue considering the location, San Diego, California.

The 38th Annual America's Finest City Half Marathon and 5k was greeted this year with an unusual heatwave for SoCal.  Instead of typical "beach weather" that I anticipated, (that means usually cool with a pullover or long sleeve needed to warm up), I woke up to a surprising hot and very humid 5am in San Diego.  Who'd a thought?

America's Finest City 5k Bib

Making my way to Balboa Park, there was no need for a long sleeve anything, it was already warm.  The sun had barely shown itself.  The weather was already demonstrating it was going to be more challenging than originally thought race.

Sooner than later, we got into our racing corral, and the race was on.  Humidity, Heat, and Hills.  I thought I was in Austin or Houston, Texas v. Southern California.  It was a doozy.  Needless to say, it was not my best time.  If you read any of my entries, time is a small factor to me.  My main goal is to always finish without stopping.  I'll be honest here, it did cross my mind (stopping to walk) a couple of times.  This is especially true when going uphill during the race (between mile 1 & 2).

I finished officially at 28:50.  It was not my best time but it was not my worst either.  I am glad I went through with it, as I had almost every excuse you could think of to NOT go through with this,

- Car Issues Before the Trip
- Lack of Sleep Before the Trip
- Being Out in the Sun all Day before the Race
- Lack of Sleep the Day before the Race
- Fatigued
- The Unusually Hot & Humid Weather

These are things that easily could have swayed me to not do this.  I had other things to do in San Diego.  This really did not have to be part of it.  HOWEVER, I committed, I was not THAT fatigued, was in no real danger of injuring myself.  It helped that I carried my trusted line of supplements with me as well. If I really wanted to, I could do I did. Again, it was not my best time but I overcame a variety factors that could have kept me in bed.  Perspective is everything.  I can now say I have completed my first race in California and looking forward to the Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon in Los Angeles this October.

Lesson: If you commit and you can, FOLLOW THROUGH.


America's Finest City Finisher's Village


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