Recap: Mud Factor OKC 2015

Mud Factor OKC 2015 - Norman, Oklahoma

Norman, Oklahoma -  It was a battle...but probably not the kind you may be thinking of though.  Part of me was saying, "This is a bad idea".   The other part of me was telling me, "JUST DO IT." (in a Shia LaBeouf way).  To bring clarity to what the heck I'm talking about here, I am referring to the fact I injured myself by straining my calf a few weeks ago.  It's been a doozy.  The rehab hasn't been as quick as I wanted it to be.  However, I did quietly register for Mud Factor OKC prior to the injury.  The accountant and athlete in me wanted a return on investment (ROI), by doing the event.  I have not done a mud run all year.  Thanks to Robyn Baldwin's IG posts, I have been really wanting to do one lately.



Anyways,  this was a 5k (3.1 miles).  This is child's play compared to the Tough Mudders I've done in the past or the Marathon I ran in April.  How bad could this be?  Well, The trainer in me was looking at this more long-term.  The concern was with the potential of having the injury linger or get worse.  Knowing myself when I get excited, both scenarios were plausible.  Since the theme of this blog is a recap of Mud Factor, you know which part won. Exhibit A below, 🙂

Mud Factor OKC 2015-Bib

As I limped to the Motor Cross, the adrenaline started to kick in.  The course in site, the music blazing, the colorful attire from other participants began to dull (somewhat) the injury.  That was the point of no return 🙂  I grabbed my bib and bandana, put both of them on, and eagerly waited to get started.

Mud Factor OKC 2015-Corral


As I stated earlier, I have run Tough Mudders in the past.  Before this, the shortest one I have done is 10 miles (Tough Mudder Las Vegas 2014).  Mud Factor is a 5k.  Even if I did this without an injury, I would have thoroughly enjoyed this course.  I like to call this race, a "primer" for some of the longer races. There was no fire, electricity, ice, burpees, spear throwing, diving or swimming involved with this race.  Running, climbing, a lot of mud, and the sun were the only factors in this event. Just

Right For Beginners

The Mud Factor was conducted at a Motor Cross, a venue generally utilized for dirt bike races.  The hills used in the race were perfect for a novice and enough of a challenge for a veteran.  Hills were obstacles primarily in the beginning and end of the course. Other obstacles used in the course were a cargo net climbs at various heights, a couple of wall climbs with different heights, one mud pit rope swing, a very muddy wire crawl (loved it), slip and slide, as well as something called, "Halfway House", which was a wooden incline ramp.  One needs momentum to get to the top of ramp, then proceed to crab walk slowly off the other side.  After that, there was nothing but open road to the finish line.  That was a nice way to finish the race.

Mud Factor OKC 2015_Before_After

Overall Thoughts

I was pleasantly surprised with Mud Factor OKC. The race was just right...not too hard, not too easy either.  Again, even if I didn't have an injury, I would have had a great time doing this.  The only thing missing was having a group of people to do this with.   If you have never tried a mud run and don't want all the intensity that one can bring, this is a nice start. If I had to rate this with a 5 star system, I would give it 4.  Getting cleaned up after the race was quite the challenge.  Other than that, there is nothing critical to say about an otherwise, as advertised, "seriously fun 5k obstacle course".

    Mud Factor OKC 2015 - Finish

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