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Be Your Best! 

Whatever the goal, this should always be the objective.  You should never aim for perfect.  That is line of thinking will bring you nothing but disappointment.  That being said, I have a challenge this fall.  This time, I would like to include you all (if you choose to do so).




Challenge Yourself to be Better!

I would also like to use this as a platform for ANYONE to choose a realistic goal, plan for it, and achieve it.  This can physical or financial - both of them relate directly to your health anyway.



  1. Choose something you would like to improve on (athletic, wt loss, financial)
  2. Make a decision and plan
  3. Take small actions to get to the eventual goal.


If you are having trouble finding something for yourself, I have my own listed below.


My Personal Challenge: The OK-LA


For those that do not know, I consider both Oklahoma City and Los Angeles home.  I like to go back and forth, though OK is more home now.  This fall, the calendar of events happen to fall in favor to create this wellness challenge.  OK-LA is a combination of 2 races in a week's time.  The name is indicative of the 2 locations of each run,  Oklahoma & Los Angeles (OK-LA).  The other link between the 2 cities happens to be they share the name of the same baseball team (The Dodgers). The OK version is the Triple A (minor league) team for Los Angeles.  I have also decided to use this challenge to help raise funds for each team's respective charity, The LA and OKC Dodger Foundations.


040915_Dodgers_5693_djswqgy3_usdairmoThe Finer Details: The Races

First "Half" - The HITS Oklahoma City Running Festival, aka, #HITSOKC  takes place Sunday, October 18, 2015 at the Chickasaw Bricktown Ballpark, home of the OKC Dodgers.  The HITS Running Festival provides a variety race options.  If you want to use this event to jumpstart your health or challenge yourself further, it has all those options.  One may select a 1 mile run/walk up to a full marathon.

For me, I  will be doing my first half marathon of the challenge in Oklahoma.  In fact, since there is a baseball theme here, you can say, the half is what is left for me to do the running equivalent of a cycle in OK this year.

5k - single
10k - double
Half - Triple
Marathon - Home Run

 I need a "triple" to finish the "cycle".



OKCDF logo

HITS Dodgers

PS: Thank you #HITSOKC Running Festival for the great tickets to the OKC Dodgers game! This was an unexpected surprise from the race organizers.


Second "Half" - The Rock n Roll Los Angeles, is Sunday, October 25, 2015.  This will be 7 days later.  It will be in a different downtown but still home of the Dodgers.  The event also offers a 5k race the evening before.  The will be the second part of my own personal challenge - 2 cities, 2 charities, 2 half marathons.  I will be expounding more on the charities and how you may get involved in upcoming blog entries.  In the meantime, this entry was meant to be a primer for the upcoming challenge and to call YOU to action in creating your own challenge (or being a part of this one!).  Either way, make sure you have fun while doing it.

Remember, I used to be 100+lbs heavier than I am now.  I did not attempt to run until I was 36 years old (and barely got through a 5k). Here it is 6 years later and I've accomplished 3 5ks, 1 10k, 1 marathon, 1 mudrun, and 4-5 future races to run in THIS YEAR alone.  You never know what consistency will provide you.  TAKE THE FIRST STEPS - decide, commit, succeed.  If you want to be a part of THIS challenge and let it be a part of your own success, contact me -


LAD_13 LADF logo R1





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