If you have made it this far, hopefully you have made your decision for change and written down your overall goal. You may have also filled in the finer details to that overall goal using S.M.A.R.T. goals as well. If you have not, please visit the initial 90 day challenge entry, followed by the goal setting entry.

Assuming you have already made your decision and mapped out your plan, the most critical part to your success has arrived. The foundation has been laid down. It is now time to TAKE ACTION. This is where the majority fail. It could be for a variety of reasons,

- Worried about what others will think of you
- Concerned you will be mocked
- Anxiety of failure

This is perfectly natural. We all go through that. I still do when it comes to this stage. Not one big venture that I have done, have these feelings been absent. The key is to continue what you started despite these feelings. The moment you start achieving a little success, your confidence builds. As it builds, these feelings begin to go away.

its go time


In all the steps we have looked at,  getting started is THE most critical.  You will never get anywhere staying exactly where you are.  As my colleague, Jill Coleman, founder of JillFit, said, "You don't have to get it right, you just have to get it going."  Yes, you want a plan but it is critical to start taking action when motivated to do so.  The more critical step is actually getting started.  As you take action, you find the motivation for putting the plan together. Case in point,

If you do not like where you are, CHANGE IT.

If you do not like where you are, CHANGE IT.

Using the running theme (my personal weight loss challenge), I made a decision.  I could have made the decision and provided no accountability to the goal.  That would have allowed an easy way to back out  if I found it too tough to do. However, I took action THAT DAY, by doing the "before" photos and announcing to the world I'm going on a challenge, would you like to join?  Now I'm on the hook and accountable to all paying attention.  My point?  The plan had not been fleshed out yet. That came a day later.  Taking action in the form of photos and declaration had already occurred.  It is now sink or swim time.  I believe I am a decent "swimmer" though.  You can be too. Join me?  Make the declaration and TAKE ACTION.

I leave you today with some words of wisdom from entertainer and entrepreneur, Steve Harvey, "You Gotta Jump to Be Successful"

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