The Gift of Gratitude


"No one cares how much you know until they know how much you care."
John C. Maxwell

Gratitude   grat·i·tude  noun ˈɡradəˌt(y)o͞od/  -  the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.

Everyone who is successful does not achieve that status alone.  Granted, the individual is the ultimate driving force for success. An individual must not be completely dependent on people to get to his or her destination.  That being said, there are times where you do feel like slowing down or quitting altogether.  That is when your support team comes into play.  A support team is vital when you cannot see the proverbial forest from the trees.  These are the people that have caught the vision with you and can see things are working, though you may not.   I have been in that situation more times than I can remember.

Since we are in the season of giving, I wanted to take time out and give gratitude to the people that have helped me.   I am extremely grateful for the following, "team" that have in one way or another, helped me stay on course and continued making "Sweat Is Free" happen. I would not be here today if were not for the support of the following people.

NOTE FOR THE READER: Before reading the list of all who have helped me, give yourself the task to do the same for those who have helped you get through hard times. A little gratitude will take you a LONG way.


FMI Family

Clark Bartram
Natalie Minh & Andrew Leone

Don't even know where to begin with these three. First of all, I truly would not be here if it were not for Clark.  There is a reason I call him, "Big Brother".  He saw potential in me when I lost the ability to see anything positive.  He is the cheerleader that helped me lose the 100lbs. No joke. Thank you Sir. That is never forgotten.

Natalie - if Clark is my big brother, you are the little sister.  When things were looking bleak on the business end, you were like Clark and saw opportunity when I did not. One year later and wow! That's pretty much all I can say about that. Thank you and Andy for the all the hospitality, assistance, and sound business advice. You have no idea how much that has helped.

The Business Builders

This group has been instrumental in either assisting me in business decisions, creating merchandise for SIF, or getting in-depth in sharing ideas in how to create both multiple revenue streams and residual revenue alike. Thanks to all of you.

Natalie Jill
Mitchie DeLeon
Arthur Green
Michael Waters 
Josephine Dalton
Carol Elizabeth
Divini Rae
Jill Coleman
Jmiah Williamson
Herb &  Patty Cepeda

The Picture People

A picture says a thousand words. I have had the pleasure to work with all these photographers and consider all of them friends. Do yourself a favor and invest in their talent if you are in need of images.

Harvey Elkins
Mike Byerly
Peter Salama
Brett Seeley
Reny Ramos


The Best Facilites...

Anytime Fitness in Moore (OK)

The management was good already.  However, with the arrival of new managers, Naomi King and Mike Ebbers, the service at Anytime in Moore has gone from good to GREAT!  Do yourself a favor if you are in the OKC metro area and join here.  They know what customer service means and they are great at it.  Here is a 2 week membership and 3 free training sessions to prove it. They have a good thing going.  Please support it! Click on the image below and bring it into the gym (expires at the end of December).




MetroFlex LBC (Long Beach, Calif.)
Eddie Avakoff and Mike Rashid

In my opinion, the best hardcore gym in America. No chatting...just get to work. I love that atmosphere. Thanks to both Eddie and Mike for creating such a setting, along with hanging up the OU flag.


OU Flag Mike Rashid

The Eternal Optimists

In days where I have felt down and out, I have either seen posts or read blogs from the following people that really made the day a lot better.  These wellness professionals are definitely on the top of their game.  If you want endless optimism, visit the work of these pros. Thank you all.

Robyn Baldwin 
Jaime Michelle
Alicia Lozano
Stephanie Rush
Alyssa Burkes
Danielle Pascente
Rachel Murray
Amber Dodzweit
Alycia Darby


The Chickasaw Nation Crew

Without a part-time that has an unbelievable opportunity to create  a incredible flex schedule, I could not have created Sweat Is Free.   Additionally, it goes far when people actually ask you about your projects and pay attention to your work.  It does not go unnoticed.  Thank you,

Karen Pennington
Kathleen & Terry Roberson
Tamara Welcher
Dillon Dolezal
Clayton Stewart
Denmaun Hill
Ryan Eppler
Heather Van Hess
KayDee Couch
Tess Schock
Oudone "Odie" Khetsisouvanh
Cindy Glassgow
Kristy Kelly


Good Friends Are Hard to Find...

Nick & Deidre Conwell - Don't have too many of them.  Thank you for being a couple.  I remember the Thunder game and the pen is my official office pen.  Thanks.


The Best for Last...Mi Familia,

Mike Heras - Thanks Primo! Without your support I couldn't be back in the LBC so much.  You're the best!

Mom &  Dad - though at times they may look at me like I'm crazy, their actions ultimately speak that they believe in the vision. Thank you.



A Simple Act Of Kindness Creates an Endless Ripple Effect


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