The Power of Diligence


The (seemingly) LONG, hot Summer. This seemed to be the best way to describe most of time between my last blog entry to today.  This particular Summer has been quite the season of growth.  I could almost name this entry, "The Survivor's Guide for When Nothing Goes According to Plan".

To expound, in mid-April, I became completely entrepreneurial.  This mean no more part time gigs. I went "all in" on with SIF Wellness.  Much like any challenge, you don't like to think it will happen but doubt and fear has a way of creeping in when it's time to "take the jump".  I definitely indeed felt that.

"What if I don't make it?"

"What if I don't have anyone hire me?"

"What if they don't believe in my skill set?"

its go time

You can have a lot of "what if's" to create a "paralysis by analysis".  In other words, you think and talk yourself out of it. I did not....and that was truly frightening. The next step brought the unknown.  I believe that in and of itself is what we truly fear. We lose our "comfort" when familiarity is gone.

Once "the jump" took place, two things I went after right away. The first was recognition to acquire clients. The second was an opportunity from an unexpected introduction that lead to an unexpected outcome toward the end of the Summer.

I help runners

Recognition ...hmm, from a local setting, let us say that you can have a quality service and credentials but if there is no established relationship, it is a much steeper climb than you will ever imagine.  Translation: it is still a work in progress locally. Online, that's a whole different story. This was not my first option but it allow me to survive the Summer. 🙂

If you're reading this blog for the first time, I'm an exercise specialist with a concentration in isometrics. Huh?  I help prevent injuries through isometrics but can also design an APPROPRIATE, PERSONAL exercise program with nutritional guidelines to assist one's goal of optimal health. That is my prime passion. That truly is a labor of love for me.  I don't see that ever changing. So, I can afford to be patient and diligent to build this.

As for that second thing, the unexpected introduction...

The second opportunity I mentioned was being given an introduction to the Commissioner of the newly formed organization, USA TODAY Sports Active Alliance. It is a endurance group consisting of 16 formerly established (save 1), independent endurance races now linked as a network under the organization.  This helps with brining national recognition from a large media source.  The 16 events and cities involved are,

Baltimore Running Festival
Rite-Aid Cleveland Marathon
Novant Charlotte Marathon
Detroit Free Press/Telmar Bank Marathon (Detroit, MI - Windsor, ON)
Eversource Hartford Marathon
Christie Clinic Illinois Marathon
CNO Financial Group Indianapolis Monumental Marathon
Oakland Running Festival
Oklahoma City Memorial
Orange County (OC) Marathon (Costa Mesa, CA)
Portland Marathon (Oregon)
Clark Capital Partners Utah Valley Marathon (Provo, UT)
California International Marathon (Sacramento, CA)
GO! Saint Louis Marathon
Santa Rosa Marathon
South Padre Island Marathon


Making a very long story short, I was able to establish a relationship and hustled like crazy this summer in order to demonstrate I had the skillset to be part of this group. I absolutely love the endurance races now. Provided your body has the ability to do them, it is one of the greatest joys in life as far as I am concerned. 13.1 miles, the distance of a half marathon is plenty for me.  As I continued various tasks for the Alliance through the Summer, the idea of being able to be a part of something like this became more appealing as time went on. Perhaps it was this picture I saw on the CNO Financial Group Indianapolis Monumental  Marathon's website (that's a mouthful, huh?),


These 16 events are considered the best of the endurance runs throughout the nation.  If you truly like these types of events, why would you not want to be a part of them?  SIF-Premiere Ambassador

The end result of the Summer? An unexpected reward.  I could have never of dreamed this. Today I am extremely excited to be able to say I have become the Premiere Ambassador for the USA TODAY Sports Active Alliance. I am excited to be able to act as an ambassador for alliance and the endurance space alike. If you get a chance and are able, I strongly encourage you to participate in one of the 16 events around the country. There are 8 events left in the year,

Oct 8  Eversource Hartford Marathon
Oct 9 Portland Marathon (45th Anniversary!)
Oct 15 Baltimore Running Festival
Oct 16 Detroit Free Press/Telmar Bank Marathon

Nov 5 CNO Financial Group Indianapolis Monumental Marathon
Nov 12 Novant Charlotte Marathon
Nov 12 South Padre Island Marathon

Dec 4 California International Marathon

While I continue to pursue my local interests, I am thrilled and looking forward to the new adventures!  It looks like I'll be making my debut as a runner with the tour either in Indianapolis or South Padre Island. A new chapter has begun and I'm absolutely thrilled and thankful for the opportunity! Come join me?

What's Your Story?

Looking to overcome obstacles yourself?  Small steps and goals lead to big steps and goals accumulatively.  Should you need assistance in reaching your optimal health goals, contact me. 🙂

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