What is Sweat is Free™?

Welcome to Sweat is Free™! This is the name and home of my wellness portal. What exactly does that mean? Here is a short version of my story,

Sweat is Free™ is the name of my wellness service. The name was derived as a result of an epiphany when receiving my emergency room bills. First and foremost, thank goodness for good insurance. The numbers on those bills were incredibly high. I remember myself saying , “I could buy a lifetime membership to a gym 3 times over with amount listed on these bills! Sheesh, at least sweat is free.” (commence epiphany here). Since that moment, that became my mantra for what has become my focused system on fitness.

This focus to fitness, also known as wellness, involves motivation (psychology, sociology), exercise, nutrition, and finance education. In my opinion, creating balance in these areas are what provide a healthy lifestyle. If you think the same way, I believe you have found a blog you'll like to be a part of. Welcome friend!

Want to know the long version? How did I get to the emergency room (TWICE) in the first place? You can find out by exploring SweatIsFree.com starting with MY STORY

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